LunaticBound Spec Custom Rope

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LunaticBound Spec Custom Rope


A twist,  lay,  and stretch,  designed &  used by LunaticBound himself.

Spun to be durable,  strong and smooth. LunaticBound noticed that during long tying sessions his hands would start to wear and become raw.   These custom pieces over come that they are made bring you nothing but tying enjoyment.

  • Get A Single Piece – $30
  • 3pc Kit With a Safety Tool – $100   **($120 Value)
  • 6pc Kit with a Safety Tool – $190   **($210 Value)
  • 10pc Kit with a Safety Tool -$275  **($330 Value)

***All ropes treated with oil and paste as spec’d by LunaticBound prior to shipping. ***

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Single, 3pc Kit w/ Safety Tool, 6pc Kit w/ Safety Tool, 10pc Kit w/ Safety Tool

1 review for LunaticBound Spec Custom Rope

  1. Lunaticbound

    This is some of the best rope that I’ve ever used. There is a reason that Senbound has been my provider of jute for about 5 or 6 years. About 4 years ago I asked Senbound for something that would work better for the way that I tie and holy crap did he deliver.

    As the way that I tie has evolved over the years so has my needs for rope. Hands that have been injured more times than I can count typically used to ache after a long night of tying and even worse after a nearly week long convention like FIRE.

    This lay works wonderfully with the way that I tie and it holds up to the horrible abuses that I put it through like a champ. I can actually close my hands tightly after a long event and have much fewer aches, pains, and range of motion issues than I did before.

    I cannot recommend this rope enough!

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