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Free to Roam

As I was wandering around the interwebs to I happened along this post and while the post may not be particularly interesting, it’s a question that gets asked a lot. One of the responses I did find worth a read.

Sade was very adamant that all he did was about freedom, and Naka Akira often tells us that “rope is free”. So the first thing is that you do whatever you want.

Unfortunately the second thing is that, imho, Kinbaku or Shibari is not about patterns, it is about the person being tied and her/his Eros.

As long as you are afraid of that and try to find cover in looking at patterns or looking at yoga poses — or if you prefer looking at the person’s body and not her/his mind — imho, I am not sure you are even walking in the direction of Kinbaku or Shibari.

But you are free to roam any road you choose.

(I will take the liberty of insisting on the “imho”, and clearly I am making use of the “Sadian” freedom of speech).


Whoa…… Something to ponder on a Friday afternoon.

Are you afraid of Eros?