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A random conversation

A month or so ago I was having a text conversation with someone new to rope about moments, moods, and personal full filament.

Here is a excerpt from the text conversation of course it’s not the whole conversation and I have taken out the names, I just think it’s interesting and could start some conversation:

….. However it’s not ‘the’ or ‘my’ mood that matters, it’s the moment….imagine a scene… There are two people, two moods…. What If one is the sensual suffering and the other is hard, and fast and destructive…. Or vice versa…. Only one person gets fulfilled…. The other is left wanting… Imho the moment should determine the mood and corse, sometimes the moment will be consuming, hard, fast, and sadistic. Sometimes a more sensual tone with softer more loving touch & relaxed mood will make the moment special……..

….. Some days you want to be told and affirmed how amazing, strong, and beautiful you are….. And some days you want to be under boot, called dirty and told that I can smell the juices running down your leg….. It’s all about moments……

/end ramble thought/